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    • Custom Travel Specialists

      Noteworthy Tours, Inc. is an experienced staff of educators that specializes in arranging custom designed tours for student groups. We provide travel arrangements that include educational and performance opportunities based on each client's unique needs.

      At Noteworthy Tours, Inc., our goal is to give you the freedom to focus on your profession. You will experience peace of mind knowing that our team is creating a trip for your students with memories to last a lifetime. Since there is such a wide variety of industry choices available, our team evaluates these services, including motorcoach companies, hotels, restaurants, and theme parks, thereby providing students with a safe and enjoyable experience.

      We help you to make intelligent and informed decisions in order to achieve your educational and performance goals.

    • Taking Care of the Details

      Careful planning and effective communication with your participants from the beginning usually determines the success of your trip.  

      We've provided you with some handy resources that have proven to save numerous educators and directors valuable time, and, more importantly; expense on aspirin!  

      After clicking on an item below, you will be prompted to download and savethe document for duplicating and distributing to your participants.

      Look for your username and password in the welcome email we'll send after we have received your confirmed travel documents.